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[audio]Pollux - Netlabel Discography (12.22.07 to 09.07.11) - Arnaud Barbe
Pollux - Netlabel Discography (12.22.07 to 09.07.11)
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 20
[audio]Gentle Spark - Dudymas
Dude! Katr (a dude from devart) prolly caused me to burp this. I tried to make this program, and so help me, I couldn't put down a single line until I composed this. All in one day or so... darn him! Inspirational people. They just make me go into super duper creative mode... like it makes my seratonin levels go wackier than a ton of extasy baseballs to the head would. XD
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 3,167
[audio]Phenethylamine Hell - Deathbomb

Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 717
[audio]Buben "F.I.O." [KEMn48] - Buben

Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 1,406
[audio]atarix - done until its morning (20k071) 2004
another astonishing ep by atarix. the first track is a remake of an old elvis song, the second track is a great gamehop/bitpop track, and the last track is a smooth, cacophonic hiphop track.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 263
[audio]Cleaning a cloud with soap - Dudymas
My final project for my digital audio intro class at Penn State. Some parts are inspired by a friend I know who goes by the nick of Nycteris (she's an awful lot of fun).
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 82
[audio]Water from the skies - Dudymas
Well, this is one of the last works I made with FLStudio before buying logic pro. I'm currently in the process of getting it up to par with what I want (and am woefully disappointed in the vst support... but oh well) and goofin around. I'm mostly posting this to show I'm alive.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 572
[audio]Is My Name - arQon
Is My Name is the debut LP from bedroom electro producer arQon.
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 141
[audio]MOBYL - Negative EP [snr28] - Mobyl
Basic techno rhythm with heavy transformation of the sounds and sequences. The classic sound of 17 Sons Records. All the buttons are pressed, turned, etc.
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 4,237
[audio]Electrotard - Microwave Noise - Various Artists
Electrotard's first release! Old and it shows, but still good.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 864
[audio]The Game - Kevin J. Green
Electronic Music
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 15
[audio]Analogues Legacy - 20 kbps Mono (20k07)-2002
analogues techno!
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 693 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]k5k vs Inopsy - 26 02 03 - k5k & Inopsy

Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 347
[collection]Faturenet Recordings
Faturenet Recordings was established in November 2007 and is an open netlabel. We strive to deliver high quality digital releases under the creative commons licence and have a very open mind about music. Visit us: http://www.fature.net
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 32
[audio]Roel Meelkop - Ghost Tracks [lm06] - Roel Meelkop
Roel Meelkop learned the tricks of the trade while THU20 was still alive and kicking. But he also progressed in his solo works. He has been releasing a lot of music on cd, working solo, and in GOEM and Kapotte Muziek. We're proud to have him here at EARLabs with eight tracks that were originally commissioned by the International Film Festival Rotterdam, to be played unannounced before and after screenings of films in the festival program of 2003...
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 923
[audio]Alian Haleoez - Dudymas
Inspired by someone who got me to be more open about my art and to try to make more friends. She's awfully awesome. I didn't get to add her 'monkey' noises she makes into this one, but I will in another tune. I'm sure I owe her much more than this...
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 258
[audio]Phantoms (2001) - Reyhan Na'im Ricklefs
The 2001 debut album from Reyhan. Well, the final version of it, at least.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 274
[audio]TEAL - Atto EP [snr26] - Teal
A little poem composed by a listener during the hearing of this release : "Metro/organic flux of one thousand ants scratching the metallic legs of a robot. Increased feeling of gravity. Impassable walls. Flying discs all over me again."
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 927
[audio]Filip och the rocker - 50herz
The seven piece orchestra 50hertz, armed with toy synthesizers and an overdose of twisted humour are storming our bandwith, impossible to ignore and horrible to behold. You will never be able to figure out what 50 hertz's next step is so you better go with the flow and listen to what they have to say...or play. They have a big, black synthesizer called "the mastermind" and they are wellknown for causing a riot when on stage...
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 844
[audio]aRagStain - BottomFeeder (20k143) 2005 - aRagStain
rad tracks for rad people. aRagStain is k9d (mp3death) whose birthday's today, and like last year, he sent us a little gift in form of a slamming ep. recently he released on the spanish netlabel SPYMUSIC ("music de espias") as colon pipe krew. happy birthday, jordan!
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 325
[audio]Anonymous People - Space - Anonymous People
Anonymous People first release for Tu Morro Tomorrow.2 Songs Recorded in Madrid in the Anonymous Studios under Field Recordings and Some Modified Keyboards Structures and scratches . Recorded 2 nov 2011 Released 26 dec 2011
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 46
[audio]index 0.4 - Cyanide - swinging scissors - cyanide
no description
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 329
[audio]No Dog Fouling EP by Swin Deorin (oz029) - Swin Deorin
All songs by Swin Deorin Better Under Headphones Swin Deorin is a Scottish musician who is working feverishly to make his way in the electronic scene. further information: www.myspace.com/swindeorin www.myspace.com/crocemassimo
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 199
[audio]serjio hakinen - oy (20k099) 2004
something between minimalistic electro, grotesque avant-garde and microhouse can be found on this outstanding ep. it features 3 tracks which were composed from 1999 to 2004. it's a stroke of genius! serjio hakinen is an alternative project by atarix.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 323
[audio]lost kluster - necron ep (20k153) 2005 - lost kluster
it's time for some dirty phat-ass slo-motion hiphop mindkillers, and who else can do that better than lost kluster (head of reamp3)? the answer is simple - it's lost kluster supported by mc al, who rhymes the shit out of your brains in 'spirit of opportunity'. take this chance to hear real russian hiphop.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 477
[audio]Chronofobia - rea007 - chronofobia
Great stuff from CHRONOFOBIA projekt - a member of reamp3 underground netlable.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 107
[audio]Coming - Dudymas
Read the description on the file for a poem about this. All I can say is that it's a song about Jesus. That and it also comes out of how distraught I am over classes right now
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 2,036
[audio]Dreams come true - Dudymas
Well, they do. Starts out rather dissonant. Then it gets really fun and deep, the shallow part wades in, there's a silence, things come together, there's a pause to reflect, and then you leave with glory. That's how it works, that's a dream come true. Read the poem on the file if you download it. At least, there should be one, though perhaps ourmedia strips em.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 1,614
[unknown]Message Passing Interface - milky toad
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 57
[audio]Elektronaut - Life Is On a Loop [UHZMP3009] - Elektronaut

Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 714
[audio]Nowak - Groove Sessions [le-lab 005] - Nowak
Introducing Nowak and his infectious grooves, this EP is its own contribution to le-lab ! 11 sessions, 11 grooves, 11 moods...
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 510
[audio]atarix - every picture tells a lie (20k116) 2004
another russian release. russia rules! atarix rules! this release features 5 easy laidback superstereophonic mindblasts! atarix will stop making music for some time and he's selling his audio studio. but he will come back. in the meantime, check out his website, http://www.atarix.ottbinare.net.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 504
[audio]Trees Afire, Trees Afar - Dudymas
So yeah... this'un is a diddy I did with vocals planned. Sadly, it didn't happen. I just don't have enough time and my roomie would never let me hear the end of it if he ever heard the sort of crazy stuff I was trying to sing while he was in class. *sigh* maybe another day
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 474
[audio]Curri Martinez - Polar Polygons [sk008] - Curri Martinez
Curri Martinez is a computer soundmaker keen on perculiar sounds generated by soundcards. He supports free creation for free listening and means using either free or cheap equipment for distributing music freely (the Net is ok for this). Only with a laptop provided with samples, sound generated by virtual synths; and some software: FruityLoops, SoundForge, Reaktor, SampleTank, Audiomulch, ... and VST plugins effects he generate every song of this album as a sonic landscape taken in differents vi...
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 3,915
[audio]G-dhill - hepepe.hu
7th track from Cooltiplex album. Music for an immaginary european low budget roadmovie
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 383
home cooked
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 184
[audio][PWO 03] Alex Valentin .:: Urban Sounds ::. - Alex Valentin
Introducing "Urban Sounds" the first release in Pulsewith of the new talent Alex Valentin, this release is composed by 4 cuts of really high quality electro house, fresh air for your mind, serious, clean sound, sequences taken care to the detail... you will be so satisfied as surprised of the good vibrations that this releasewill transmit... this release won´t be the song of the summer (luckily) but for Pulsewith already enjoys this title...
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 2,211 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Hakin Basar - F*ck Fantasy [20k01]
the first release on 20kbps rec.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 337
[audio]Atom Wrath - Lay out flat - Atom Wrath

Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 243
[audio]Infinityloop Ff 02112304 Promo 2004
electronic music I was making back in 2003 while at Uvic. working on something unique/different I was going to release or send to Flasher records at the time.The intro sample is a bill cosby record i played in reverse and recorded at the time- some of the percussion elements were recorded live with a mini recorder and chopped up for samples.It was a time when my studio consisted of Reason 3, Fruityloops, and old analog equiptment from uvic which I was able to use only at school...
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 9
[audio]Stravoltismi Improvvisati - Tirriddiliu

Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 245
[audio]Death On Glamour - Tradition Rare Dixieme Generation (20k123) 2004
this time we come around with a newcomer band from ukraine - 'death on glamour'. band-leader jj lenox describes their music as 'unusual' and it's strictly for the underground. the 4 tracks provided on this ep are taken from their upcoming album. cover art is by Joanna Chen. let's rock.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 428
[audio]Die Stereo Typen - Taped [TAM022] - Die Stereo Typen
[DE] Sascha Müllers Projekt "Die Stereo Typen" kommen wieder fresh und funky daher; dieses Mal allerdings ruhiger und chilliger als die "City Nights". Schön zum entspannen und in-den-Himmel-schauen. [ENG] Sascha Muellers project "Die Stereo Typen" produced fresh and funky stuff, this time a little more slow than "City Nights". Nice for relaxing and looking-in-the-sky. Just smooth.
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 1,323
[audio]rrraistlin - imaginary ep [laridae005] - rrraistlin
rrraistlin presents 4 short but solid tracks.
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 500
[audio]Moses - Symonis [sk001] - Moses
Moses is an artist who is living in Trappenkamp/Germany. He plays keyboards, guitar and bass. His first release "Symonis" was recorded in 1996 at a professional recordingstudio. It is an one-track-production which contains five parts.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 2,671
[audio]All Rights Reversed - Raffaele Pulejo
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 190
[audio]Living through Imagination - Dudymas
Just a quick diddy I made out of inspiration from a fellow poet. I must say, I wish it did him justice, but it doesn't. *shrug* Still was fun to make. Everything except one of the parts was done in Reason.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 2,042
[audio][Siro152] Iranon - Painting The Sound - Sirona_Records
Iranon - Painting the Sound 192kbps - August 2011 Electronica / Other Tracklist: 01 - Painting the Sound 02 - Arctic Oasis 03 - Civilized Insects 04 - Nocturnal Trip 05 - Strange Critters 06 - Polar Tribes Total: (48:59) Notes: "Iranon is Luc Messina, Guitar player & song writer of Demenseed band" Iranon Website: http://soundcloud.com/iranon Sirona-Records Website: http://sirona-records.com
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 5,062
[audio]styler - techno und sex (20k178) 2005 - styler
downloading this release you got two things in one, and the best is, it's even free. styler (aka the guy who runs the lobit netlabel stars in rehab) has two tracks for you, one entitled 'sex', the other 'techno'. leet!
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 1,127
[audio]Corpo e Suoni - Tirriddiliu
Voice and words by Gerinol
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 347
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